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Diamond Solitaire Ring

1.01ct Recycled Natural Round Brillant Diamond

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This classic Diamond Solitaire Ring is a one-of-a-kind stone, handmade in solid 14k white gold. The 1.01ct natural round brilliant diamond is a certified post-consumer diamond and beyond sparkling. The classic 4-prong setting sits low on the finger and allows light from all angles to bounce inside and radiate out of the diamond. There is one surface small natural inclusion, that is covered by a prong and undetectable in the setting. But is the perfect identifying birthmark so you will always know this stone is yours.  Romans believed diamonds to be splinters of fallen stars. A treasured stone for centuries, diamonds symbolize love and prosperity today. May this ring bring you all the love, prosperity, and brilliance in your engagement. Ring sized to fit you! 



1.01ct Round Brilliant Diamond, H/Si. 


2.3g 14k Solid White Gold.


6.5mm Setting, 1.45mm Back Of Band.


This ring will be sized and fit to you.