Fully circular fine jewelry is the way of the future. We believe we’ve taken all that we need from the earth, and by mining our own jewelry boxes can create all the new designs we need.

Why reviving your jewelry is the best sustainable decision

- It’s estimated that the largest diamond mine in the world is in our homes.

- The last diamond will be mined in our lifetime. Diamond resources have diminished so much that corporations have turned to mining the ocean. 

- Newly mined gold for one wedding band produces 20 tons of waste.

- Using your existing jewelry to make new jewelry that you love cuts down on over-consumption within the fine jewelry industry.

- Reviving your jewelry with heirloom revival contributes to the highly skilled manufacturing workforce and small businesses in Los Angeles.

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Our Sustainable Practices

We are committed to taking care of our earth as well as the talented people we work with.

We pay fair American wages to our close-knit family of creative collaborators and craftspeople. Our team is comprised of best skilled artisans in the city, with many of our metal-smiths, stone setters and casters 3rd and 4th generation jewelers.