Original Jewelry Disclaimer

After we receive your piece, we will examine it to understand what we're working with. If we determine that taking your piece apart would damage the stones or materials, or we wouldn't be be able recreate it, we will let you know before taking any further steps.

We appreciate you trusting us with your pieces and we will do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied with the end results. We know that your original piece of jewelry is extremely valuable to you, either for monetary or sentimental value, and we treat every piece with the utmost respect and care, as if it were our own. There is, however, reasonable risk involved in removing stones from mountings and resetting stones. It is the responsibility of Heirloom Revival to assess any risk regarding a stone, and advise the client on any foreseeable issues before moving forward with stone resetting. By providing consent for Heirloom Revival to reset a stone, the customer holds harmless Heirloom Revival against any stone damage due to stone flaws or existing stone cracks, chipping, flaws, or inclusions. It is surprising, but all gems -- yes, including diamonds -- can break. It very rarely happens, but if your stone is harmed in any way that we did not expect, we will let you know. If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, please contact us at hello@heirloomrevival.com.

What is your shipping process? Is it safe?

Heirloom Revival will provide you with a UPS Overnight or 2-Day Fully Insured Shipping Label. Shipments must be mailed Monday - Thursday. We are not responsible for delayed, lost or damaged deliveries caused by carrier. But will assist you in filing an insurance claim.

Once your order has shipped you will be notified with the tracking in an email. We have very detailed shipping methods for the safety of your piece during the shipping process. Please follow these instructions exactly to ensure safe shipping for your treasures. All orders require a signature with delivery.

What is your return and refund policy?

Please be advised that due to the highly personalized nature of services that we offer, completed items cannot be returned or refunded. As we are making your custom piece, we provide several steps along the way for you to make edits during the process to ensure that the final product is exactly what you want. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please feel free to contact us at hello@heirloomrevival.com and we can determine if the situation can be remedied, however, we make no guarantees that this will be possible.

How long does the Heirloom Revival process take?

Because of the unique service we offer and the variety of jewelry we may have to work with, the order processing times can vary greatly. Process includes: mailing your jewelry to be remade, appraisal of your jewelry by Heirloom Revival, design processing time, your confirmation of new design, returning your original jewelry if we do not work together, taking apart your old jewelry, creating 3D CAD design of your new piece, metalsmithing of your new piece, photographing your finished piece by Heirloom Revival, shipping new piece to you. Please be advised that because this service is highly unique and personalized, we will require communication with you to ensure that we can complete your order.

If your revival is a rush or has a certain deadline attached please email us and we will see what we can do. As our company grows, please be patient with us. We want to revive all of your precious heirlooms :)

Do you revive costume jewelry?

No, we do not.

What if I don't know what my jewelry is made of?

Always look for a stamp. Use a magnifying glass to search for marks inside the piece. On rings, they’re usually inside the band. Earrings will normally have them at the back, close to the area where they are worn on your ears. Pendants and charms will either have the stamp on the back, or on the bail (the loop that allows the pendant to hang on the chain.) As for necklaces and most bracelets, look for the stamp near the clasp. 925 is the stamp for sterling silver, 316L for stainless steel, and PLAT/PT or 850 for platinum. Solid gold hallmarks include: 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 375, 585, 750, 916. Gold karat content will usually have a K next to the number, but some gold stamps indicate the percentage of gold content instead of measuring in karat. For example, 9 karat gold is usually stamped as 375, or 37.5% gold content, instead of 9K. 

Other markings you may find will either be stone carat stamps (such as 0.05) or the designer’s/manufacturer’s logo. There are no standards for stamping non-precious metals, except for gold-plated items which are often stamped with GP, HGE, GEP, or RGP.

Do you do appraisals?

On completed Heirloom Revival pieces we can include an appraisal for insurance purposes for an additional fee of $100.

We only provide appraisals for completed Heirloom Revivals.

What if my finished revival gets damaged after I get it back?

We stand by the quality of our manufacturing. If an item breaks with no fault of buyer, please send an image of the item to hello@heirloomrevival.com. We can then determine the next steps.

If you somehow damaged the item yourself, it can probably be fixed. Send an image of the piece to hello@heirloomrevival.com, and we can determine our repair charges. Then you can decide if you want to mail it back to us or take it to your local jeweler. Shipping charges will be the customer’s responsibility.

Can I just sell my old jewelry?

Absolutely. We love sourcing from our clients and will be happy to buy any old gold and suitable stones from you, or you can trade them in as credit for a future revival! We buy based on carat weight and quality.

How much does it cost?

We will create a price estimate for you based on what service you're interested in as well as the size of the piece and the type of metal. The cost depends greatly on what new design we make! Projects generally range from $500-$4000. The simpler the design and the smaller the piece, the lower the cost. 

What if I don't want to go through with my revival after I have sent in my piece?

If we receive your jewelry, and confirm that we can proceed with your Heirloom Revival, but you decide not too proceed before paying the second deposit, we will mail everything back to you. The deposit is non-refunable and covers the insured shipping back to you.

Can I track my Revival?

Yes! We will email you a confirmation when we have received your heirloom(s), and another confirmation once your revival is being returned to you. We will keep you updated every step of the way.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry! We do not ship internationally at this time.