About Heirloom

We believe jewelry is meant to be worn and are here to help you revive your jewelry box. Fine jewelry, more than any other wearable design, has enduring meaning rooted in its everlasting natural materials. Those precious materials have the unique ability to be recreated after years in the market.

Think about what is in your jewelry box at home. Chances are there is tremendous value just sitting there, both sentimentally and monetarily. Recycling and remaking fine jewelry is not a new concept, it’s been said Cleopatra melted down and remade her jewelry frequently. In fact it could be said that recycling is an integral part of the fine jewelry industry, but yet there is little transparency about the practice. We want to draw the curtain back and encourage a fully circular industry for fine jewelry.

It’s the way of the future and so sentimental. 

Heirloom Revival is here to help you remake your most precious objects.

Wear more, buy less.

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Our Founder

My personal Heirloom Revivals are pieces of my family that I carry with me everyday. Mementos that were passed down to me, but not quite my style. As a jewelry designer I loved getting to remake them into personal pieces that I have worn everyday for the last 10 years and look forward to one day giving to my daughter.

- Chelsey

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Starling Jewelry was founded in 2015 and has become a staple in transparent, fine jewelry.

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