Wedding Band to Charm Revivals

Wedding Band to Charm Revivals

Introducing our first Revival project available for purchase directly from our website: Wedding Band Revivals!

Wedding bands are the most sentimental piece of jewelry a person owns. Not only does it symbolize a (hopefully) lifelong relationship, it is the only object that you wear on your person day and night your whole life.

For most revivals, we melt the old metal as credit towards the cost of the project in question. However, if the piece of jewelry holds special meaning and our clients wish to use the exact same metal in the new project, we can do so. It is more difficult and costly, but for certain pieces of jewelry like wedding bands, the metal itself holds intrinsic value. We have done a few wedding band revivals in the past, and because our clients loved them so much, we wanted to offer this special type of revival as it’s own category. Check out this video for a behind the scenes look in to our studio of how charms can be made from the exact same metal. and yes, the whole process is done entirely by hand.
The average wedding band is around 3-5 grams of gold and can be shaped into 2-3 new charms. Our most popular charm of choice has been a sweet and simple heart charms, with some clients choosing to add stones from other sentimental pieces.
Other charm shapes we suggest include stars or circles. Most charms can also be engraved either on the front or the back with a special message, date, initial, or symbol. Charms can also be hammered for a more texturized, three-dimensional look (see examples of engravings and hammered pieces below).

Engraved Gold Charm Revival Hammered Gold Disk Revival
Our wedding band revival charms have typically been hung from chains as necklaces, but would also be lovely on bracelets or even added to hoop earrings if you’re feeling creative. Not only is this a great way to create new intention and beauty for a special piece of jewelry to wear close to your heart, it is good for the planet to reuse old and unworn gold! The average gold ring produces 20 tons of toxic waste — think of how much of an impact recycling just a few rings can have.

We would love to hear from you — what other charm shapes would you be interested in? 

Start your revival today.