Royal Revivals

Royal Revivals

The Saudi Sapphire Jewelry Suite. Gifted to Princess Diana by the Saudi Royal Family as a wedding present, the Suite was the source of some of the most stunning revivals we’ve ever seen! Described by Leslie Field in the Queen’s Jewels, the Suite was:

Made by Asprey, it consists of an enormous Burmese sapphire pendant set in a jagged sunray fringe of baguette diamonds and hung on a thin diamond necklace; a matching pair of earrings and ring; a two-row bracelet of brilliant-cut diamonds with a smaller version of the sapphire pendant as a centrepiece; and a wristwatch, the face set in the same diamond sunray fringe and the strap consisting of seven oval sapphires set in clusters of diamonds….”


Princess Diana turned the watch band into an even more radiant pair of matching earrings, with one sapphire and diamond halo dangling from another.

She also had the enormous oval sapphire from the ring framed with the watch’s sunray face of diamonds. This became the dazzling centerpiece of her famous choker, floating from three small chains of diamonds that wrapped halfway around & a backing of royal blue velvet that attached with Velcro instead of a clasp. The choker made many appearances….


Some even without the velvet…


Though our favorite appearance was in Tokyo as a headband, to a dinner at the Imperial Palace hosted by Emperor Hirohoto.



It was designed to match her classic sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring. The Suite and Princess Di’s engagement ring now belong to Kate Middleton, who has recently commissioned some of her very own heirloom revivals from the legendary sapphire Suite.

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