Sarah's Engagement Ring Revival

"I LOVE the ring so much and proudly wear it every day!! I am so happy with the work you did!!! I also wear the earrings!! :) Thank you so much!!! I never wore my ring before and love it so much now!! Thank you so much!! I was so excited to see it today!! It truly is gorgeous. You're so talented!!! xoxo"
- Sarah




Sarah loved the style of her engagement ring, but after 10 years, she thought it could be updated a bit. The platinum setting was too bulky and heavy, the side stones disproportionately too large. She wanted a warmer 18k yellow gold, a thinner more delicate setting and new smaller pear shaped side diamonds so the center stone really sparkled. ⁠⁠Her new ring fits her perfectly! Sarah gained a new pair of diamond stud earrings from her old side stones.