Heirloom Revival Process

Heirloom Revival Process

Are you ready to start your revival? Here are some things to consider:

Family heirlooms carry precious stories and histories with them. 
Passing down family heirlooms has been a time-honored tradition since the time of Cleopatra and her sumptuous diadems and lavish collections of jewelry, to the royal collection that saw Prince William propose to the now-Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, with his mother Princess Diana's sapphire and diamond cluster engagement ring. As the hardest and most durable material in existence, are also the best material for repurposing. 
Stones are not superstitious -- only humans are. Transforming a piece of jewelry is an incredible & ethical way to transform the negative energy of an old piece and create a new, positive intention for it. Just as a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, a diamond from any other piece would still be as beautiful. 

Just because your diamond is forever does not mean your dated or damaged setting needs to be as well. Maybe you want to upgrade your engagement ring, celebrate a milestone, honor a loved one who has passed away, heal from bad memories associated with a piece, consolidate stones/pieces, or simply write a new story. We’re here to help you every step of the way.  



If you’re creating something old and new by redesigning a family ring, make sure your family approves of your plan before you make any changes. Jewelry is often a sentimental symbol of a major life moment - you want to be sure to honor and respect a gem’s history before altering it. 



If you have inherited jewelry, you should consider what elements, if any, you want to preserve in the new piece. You should also consider what personal touches you may want your new piece to include. Your revival will symbolize you, so a timeless style that you will love forever (or at least until your next revival) is always a better fit than the flashy trend of the season. 


Consider how often and in what conditions you will be wearing your revival. If your recycled heirloom is going to be facing a lot of daily wear-and-tear, you want to be sure to select a setting that will protect the diamond and won’t trap dirt easily. The only limiting factor in your design is that you will not be able to choose a different stone shape and size.

But there are so many setting options to get the ring look you want:

  • If you wish your diamond was just a little bit bigger, try adding some extra sparkle with a three-stone or halo ring style, or a pavé band

  • If your diamond is an old-style cut, consider that you might want to keep other gems in the setting consistent-- modern brilliant cuts may not match old-style cuts

  • If you want your diamond to look whiter, try a warmer-colored rose or yellow gold setting

  • If your diamond is round but you prefer a different shape, try a halo of smaller stones to reframe the center stone

You’ll also want to consider what to do with the old setting. You can reuse the old metal for your new piece (although this is a more complicated process) or you can apply the value of the metal to the price of your new piece. If you or your family members are particularly attached to the setting and would prefer to only use the old diamond, consider saving the setting and picking out a new stone to give it a new life. 

Start your revival today.